3 Reasons that You’re Going to Lose Your Lawsuit

Let’s say that you think you have been wronged or hurt in some way. Perhaps you feel that your employer has been treating you unfairly or that a company or product misrepresented itself and made false promises. Either way, you want justice, and you are considering suing the person or company in question. After all, people file lawsuits every day for a variety of reasons, so why shouldn’t you do the same? And you’ll have to win, of course, because you’re in the right!

There’s a lot of talk about how America is a sue-happy society, but there’s rarely any discussion about how many of those lawsuits never make it to a legit trial. You may feel as though a lawsuit is the only way for you to get justice, but it could be more of a problem for you in the long run. Here are a few major reasons that you might not win your lawsuit.

You don’t have a good case

Hurt feelings and egos can be emotionally painful, but it’s unlikely that a judge would find them important in a court of law. To have a chance of winning a lawsuit, you’ll need to make sure that you have a solid case. Can you prove that the person or company you’re suing broke some kind of legally binding contract? Did they cause you physical injury? Do you have irrefutable proof that their actions caused you harm, whether emotional, physical, or financial? If you answered no to all of those questions, you probably don’t have a good case. While we’re on the topic, it’s a good time to mention . . .

 You don’t have any solid evidence

You claim that you’ve experienced severe emotional distress because of the actions of a company or person. Do you have records from a therapist or other trained mental health professional to prove that, or do you just have your memories and feelings? You say that an individual or business has caused you a significant amount of financial stress. Can you prove that their actions directly impacted your bank account, or do you just have a hunch that they must have done something? Receipts, audio and visual confessions, transcripts, documents and solid evidence win cases. Feelings and anecdotes may win arguments, but they won’t win lawsuits.

Your only goal is money – and a lot of it

You want justice, and you won’t stop until you get that seven-figure settlement! If you were offered a four or five figure settlement, would you feel that justice was served or would you want even more? If you’re “aiming for a high number,” you aren’t filing a lawsuit for the right reasons. Lawsuits are meant to help people who wouldn’t otherwise get help, for an amount appropriate to the wrong done them; they aren’t designed to give you a good payout. Countless businesses and people, from David Blane to Barry LaBov, have had to deal with lawsuits in court because people were looking for a quick payday. In just about every instance, it’s only been a waste of time for everyone involved.